hand NOUN 1) the end part of the arm beyond the wrist. 2) (before another noun ) operated by or held in the hand. 3) (before another noun or in combination ) done or made manually. 4) a pointer on a clock or watch indicating the passing of units of time. 5) (hands) a person's power or control: taking the law into their own hands. 6) an active role. 7) help in doing something. 8) a person engaging in manual labour. 9) informal a round of applause. 10) the set of cards dealt to a player in a card game. 11) a person's handwriting or workmanship. 12) a pledge of marriage by a woman. 13) a unit of measurement of a horse's height, equal to 4 inches (10.16 cm). [ORIGIN: denoting the breadth of a hand.]
VERB 1) give to. 2) hold the hand of, in order to assist.
at hand — Cf. ↑at hand
by hand — Cf. ↑by hand
get (or keep) one's hand in — Cf. ↑keep one's hand in
hand down — Cf. ↑hand down
hand in glove — Cf. ↑hand in glove
hand in hand — Cf. ↑hand in hand
hand out — Cf. ↑hand out
(from) hand to mouth — Cf. ↑hand to mouth
hands down — Cf. ↑hands down
hands-off — Cf. ↑hands-off
hands-on — Cf. ↑hands-on
have to hand it to someone — Cf. ↑have to hand it to someone
in hand — Cf. ↑in hand
in safe hands — Cf. ↑in safe hands
make (or lose or spend) money hand over fist — Cf. ↑spend money hand over fist
many hands make light work — Cf. ↑many hands make light work
on hand — Cf. ↑on hand
on someone's hands — Cf. ↑on someone's hands
on the one (or the other) hand — Cf. ↑on the the other hand
out of hand — Cf. ↑out of hand
to hand — Cf. ↑to hand
turn one's hand to — Cf. ↑turn one's hand to
wait on someone hand and foot — Cf. ↑wait on someone hand and foot
ORIGIN Old English.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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